Networking Support

Network play very critical role for any company who wanted to stay online. These days ISP’s providing great bandwidth and speed to end customers at reasonable cost. Most of the time due to poor knowledge and lack of resources customer do not enjoy the beauty high speed connectivity and results in cheos. To utilized network resources for smoother internet operation SST’s certified engineer put brain in desinging the network as per customer needs. Here, we segricate data flow as per priority of domain, department and other operations.

Network can be defined in 3 categeories, (a) Unmanaged Network, (b) Semi Managed Network, (c) Fully Managed Network. Depending upon requirements SST provide services and design network accordingly. We support Switches and Routers of well known brands like Cisco, Juniper etc.

(a) Unmanaged Networks:- Company size between 5-10 members, then this kind of network can be implemented. These setup costs very low and can be implemented in 1-2 working days. It doesn’t required managed devices like switches and Routers.

(b) Semi- Managed Networks:- Good for company sized between 10-50. It requires semi-managed devices like Switches & Routers. Support and control for multi VLAN and data & voice traffic is limited. Overall experience will be good if advance application and routing not a part of project.

(c) Managed Networks:- Good for large organisation that need data flow internal and external world via internet and LAN. It required managed devices like routers, switches and firewall. SST support all brands available in market to implement such networks.