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Web Based Application  Development

Mobile Application

Android & iOS Customized application development


Silver Stone Technologies ( SST ) delivers best-in-class wide range of Enterprise and Retail Telephony products & solutions to communication & service industries worldwide. Silver Stone Technologies experts provide IT solutions such as Linux Server Support & Services, Managed & Unmanaged Networking solution, Web Solution, Cloud Solutions & Architechure building, Cyber Security. SST’s provide complete IT infra & suits of services to build software and solution which meets customer requirements.  SST beliefs in open source technology and most of the software and soultion build using the same technologies. It enable us to provide better services at reasonable commercials.

24×7 Smart Back office

Certified & Experienced technical support team always available online via Skype, Email and Calls. We are just a click away!! Know More

Customer Education

Business developer team understand business requirements, and provide best plans to customer before proceed to next level.

Revenue Increase

Outsource IT work to us, it allow customers to focus on business only. Saves resources and efforts, and results in improved business & revenue.

Our Mission

SST beliefs in people and the potentials they carry with themselfs. We respect the healthy relationships and the values one carry with themself. Here, we allow team to expertize the skill and explore the opportunities. Simillary, we provide solution & services to end customers so that they can more focus on objective.

SST focused on generic products and solution which are beneficials for all type of industries such as IT companies, Hospitality, Manufracturing, Call Centers, BPO, KPO, Digital Marketing & Promotion companies, Fintech, Education etc. SST open to accepts challenges and technology changes of all kinds.

Why Us

With a rich experience in IT and Telecom industry, Silver Stone Technologies focused on modular software and services. Our tech-enabled services made us flexible which can suits any requirements ranging from Individual, Enterprise and Large Corporates. We provide solution architech that not only help customer catering their existing requirement but also visiblity for next 5-10 years of reliablity.

Building a robost  and reliable solution is our expertize and represents our values.



SST seemslessly provides solution to any corporate ranging from small to medium enterprises. SST’s partners reshaping the techology solution with creativity & innovation.  They all leader in their technology and share the same goal of providing best solution to customers, hence more engagement, and more profitable.